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Celebrate 4th July At Home With Deep Fried Oreos

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There’s nothing better than enjoying America’s super-snack at home on the Independence Day of America. Every holiday calls for fun and festive food to celebrate. And to celebrate the 245th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Declaration of Independence, there’s nothing better than making deep-fried Oreos at Home. 

Deep-fried Oreos are one of the most favorite American deep-fried snacks. A little crunchy on the outside, pillowy and soft on the inside, flavorful, satisfying, and incredibly delicious. So, here we’ll be sharing how to fry Oreos with just minimal ingredients, without creating any mess. 

 Are deep-fried Oreos healthy for kids?

The fact is kids need carbs. Carbs are the best fuel for kids’ active brains and growing muscles. Also, to be at one with your relationship with food, you must allow yourself complete permission to eat any food at any time you please. 

You must enjoy everything you eat. Because with enjoyment, comes continuation. With continuity comes sustainability. And with sustainability comes mental and physiological success over time. 

And when it comes to fried Oreos, they definitely pass our snack-health-o-meter and also passes on our kids taste-o-meter!

What are the ingredients required to fry Oreos?

  • Oreos Pack (Freeze Them)
  • Vegetable Oil 
  • Deep-fried Oreos Mix
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Water
  • Toppings as per choice 

Easy Method to fry Oreos

  • Heat the oil in a large pot on medium fire. If the oil is very angry, the snack you are preparing to fry will remain as it is and the outer layer might burn up. 
  • In a bowl put 4-5 big spoons of Deep Fried Oreos mix and water. Make sure you add water gradually until you end up with a batter that has a consistency like a thick cake mixture. Let the mixture rest for 15 minutes.  
  •  Now, dip frozen Oreos in the batter and coat them completely. Transfer them straight to the hot oil. 
  • With a big spoon keep moving the balls around for an even color. Take out when they turn golden in color. Complete the batch and then re-fry all the balls again till brown in color. (For extra crisp and crunch, you may also double fry them.) Drain on a paper towel. 
  • Dust them with powdered sugar for professional finishing. 

To Make Chocolate Sauce & Top Snacks

  • In a saucepan, over medium heat, cook 120 ml of liquid cream until it starts to simmer. 
  • Remove the pan from the heat and add the chocolate. Stir until melted. 
  • And it’s done. Let the sauce cool for about 15-20 minutes or you may also pour it warm over your fried snacks. 

Serve & Enjoy With Your Fam-Jam

Whether the Independence Day celebrations this year are big or small, deep-fried Oreos are a must-have. Served with your favorite cup of coffee and we guess that’s all a person needs for a great holiday get together. So, whenever you are in a rush and crave for crabs, just head over to your pantry, stir, fry and dust, and you are sorted. These hunger-curbing bites are just out of the world!
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