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Deep Fried Oreos
Deep Fried Oreos Instructions

Deep Fried Oreos | Instant Crumb Mix $13.99



Deep Fried Oreos - Instant Deep Fried Oreos Recipe

Roll up those sleeves and prepare to get messy, and indulge in the creamy goodness of deep fried Oreos. The social fairs are not coming to town this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your deep-fried food fix. You can now prepare fried Oreos cookies at home in no time. The spanking-new deep fried Oreos mix is designed to fill your cravings with deep fried Oreos just at the comfort of your home. 

If you are looking for a perfect snack to indulge yourself in on weekends, we have brought you up a simple formula to enjoy state-fair style Deep Fried Oreos at home. Get prepared in 5 minutes, our Crumbs mix discards the fuss of stocking every single ingredient to prepare the batter.


Deep Fried Twinkies | Instant Crumb Mix $13.99



Deep Fried Twinkies - Instant Deep Fried Twinkies Recipe

Who would say no to a delicious stack of Deep Fried Twinkies filled with luscious cream? Making carnival-style Twinkies at home is no more a dream now. We have brought you up an easy-peasy formula for a perfect luncheon or to satisfy your midnight cravings whenever you want. The brand-new deep-fried Twinkies mix, made by using the best baking techniques and premium-quality ingredients. The delectable batter created using this mix will definitely take your snacks game to a whole new level.