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Add some extra excitement to your day by preparing fair favorite Deep Fried Twinkies. To make them the easiest way, follow three simple steps of “Mix, Dip, and Fry” with delicious Deep-Fried Twinkies Mix. This helps you prepare the yummy batter in a minute and takes only 15 minutes to get your plates ready with a yummy-luscious temptation. Just add water to this mixture to make a nice batter for layering the frozen Twinkies with a succulent crisp. Follow by dipping frozen Twinkies into this batter and putting them to fry. Deep-Fried Twinkies Mix by crumbscarnivaltreats is delivered quickly and does not require adding eggs to the mixture. For a better understanding of how to use our batter mix watch the above video and you will yourself realize how easy-peasy this becomes. The delicious magic of Deep-Fried Twinkies will take you by surprise and we bet that once you introduce these to your palate, you won’t leave a crumb behind!

For Deep Fried Cookies Do Not Freeze before dipping. For Deep Fried Cakes Make sure to overnight freeze. Call (909) 233-1656 for Questions