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Recall Childhood Memories This Friendship Day With Deep-Fried Twinkies

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Deep-Fried Twinkies

Remember those days when you and your friends used to hop on your colorful bicycles and stop at the snack corner, eating the best deep-fried Twinkies. Most Americans can relate with this little story. Twinkies always had our heart. And, we all had a friend who used to eat extra from everybody’s plate. Such Good Days!

But you know what? You can create these authentic deep-fried snacks from the comfort of your home, using just a few ingredients. Crumb Carnival Treats has created the most delectable mix that can bring that taste from childhood back. Yes you are hearing right! We are referring to deep-fried Twinkies mix which is a complete pack made of the most delectable ingredients. And the best part? You just need to add 1 or 2 cups of mixture with water, and you are ready with a super yummy batter to fry Twinkies. 

So, let’s get started on how it is done!

Ingredients You Require: 

The first and foremost ingredient you require is the Deep Fried Twinkies mix by Crumb Carnival Treats, Frozen Twinkies, Water, Vegetable Oil, Powdered Sugar, and Toppings as per choice. 

Easy-Peasy Recipe, Fry Twinkies in Less Than 10 Minutes

Step 1: Pre-heat the vegetable oil in a pan or wok. Pour 3 to 4 cups of oil and leave it on a medium flame till it grabs the right temperature. 375 degrees is considered ideal for deep-frying. 

Step 2: Now, start preparing the batter. Take 3 big spoons of Twinkies mix and slowly add water. Make sure the water is added in batches until a smooth, creamy texture is formed. 

Step 3: Drop frozen Twinkies into the batter prepared one after the another. Wrap them completely. 

Step 4: Carefully transfer them to the hot oil and let them fry for about 2 to 3 minutes until turned golden brown. 

Step 5: Bring them out on an absorbent paper. Dust them with powdered sugar and serve warm. 

What can be served with deep-fried Twinkies?

Fresh and warm Twinkies, crispier outside and cloudy inside can be served along with a scoop of your favourite ice cream, maple syrup, whipped cream, jam, chocolate syrup or Nutella. You can even top them with chopped fruits, or chocolate slices. And to be honest, if they are perfectly fried, you do not really need toppings. Each bite of this will make you fall in love with it. 

Why should I buy Crumbs mix instead of pancake mix?

The reason is quite straightforward. With Crumbs mix, there is no need to add on any extra ingredient. All you need is water and just stir it up to make the best batter. Even if you use anything like eggs, that is totally unnecessary and not required. 

Coming to the pancake mix, you’ll be requiring several other ingredients as well such as whole milk, eggs, vanilla essence, all-purpose flour, vegetable oil, and so on to create that batter. Even a little measurement can fail your recipe. So why take a risk? 

Deep-fried Twinkies Mix is an ideal choice for beginners. It has less fuss and is super convenient to use. For example, a bowl of Twinkies is priced at $50 with 8 to 1o snacks. With Crumbs’s mix, starting from just $13, you can make as many as you want. So, be smart!

Things To Avoid While Deep-Frying

  • Oil temperature below 350 degrees or above 375 degrees can spoil the taste of your snacks. Maintain the temperature from 350 to 375 degrees for the proper texture. 
  • You can use other oils such as peanut oil, sunflowers oil too instead of vegetable oil. But we do not recommend using Olive oil, as it doesn’t work great for deep-frying. 
  • Make the batter lump-free. 
  • Avoid dropping coated Twinkies in hot oil using your hands. Even a single drop of hot oil can burn your hand. Use a tong or a fork instead. 
  • Now, this is the funny one! Avoid choking your throat with powdered sugar. 

 Twinkies Are The Best Thing Ever!

Twinkies have the power to heal your mind. If you are the one with a sweet tooth and already drooling after imagining the wonderful taste, get your pack of deep-fried Twinkies mix now, and enjoy with your fam-jam. Whether you want to have them for breakfast, or with a cup of coffee in the evening, Twinkies are a win-win. 

So when are you trying this delicious recipe? Get your hands on this pack and surprise your family with the best snacks ever. The only drawback, they won’t stop ordering for more. But that’s okay, unless or until they are praising you with each bite. XD

Deep Fried Twinkies Deep-fried Twinkies Mix

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