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This Sister's Day Share the Bond with Deep Fried Twinkies

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The presence of a sister is priceless!! The fights, the love, the sorrows, and happiness; all make us beautifully powerful if we are blessed to have them with a sister. And this sister's day, while there must be many gifts and plans to celebrate the depths of this special bond, an evening with a plate full of Deep-Fried Twinkies can add fun and warmth to your sisterhood! Let us brief you on how…

 # Deep-Fried Twinkies

You must be aware of the taste of the iconic sweet cakes- 'Twinkies'. These, the most loved small dessert bites by 90% of the Americans, have a funnel cake-like creamy and moist filling which is irresistibly ultimate in taste. Now, imagine a fried crunch over this soft, sweet, and mouth-melting cake bite? Feels ecstatic right? Well, the Deep Fried Twinkies are the favorite fair food treats that have made the sweet tooths so crazy that now an instant recipe alternative has been explicitly prepared to satisfy these anytime crunchy dessert desires!

  # Perfect for a Movie Night

There must have been endless movie nights with her and if the best memories of your sisterly bond with her lie in watching movies together then you can create it once again. And to make it a special one, add Deep-Fried Twinkies as your sweet snacks and see how outstandingly they will blend with the sisterly movie-time!

 # Adds Joy to Conversations

We know how important deep talks with a sissy are and on 1st August, you can make this moment all the more cheerful by indulging in these awestruck sugary bites. Whether the talk is heavy with emotions or simply full of laughter, these treats will give you the time of your life.

 # The Preparation 

  • Put 3-4 spoons of the Crumb's Twinkie Mix into the bowl and add water to it until you gain a clean consistency.
  •  Keeping this batter aside for 5-10 minutes is enough. Put the Vegetable Oil in the frying pan. Maintain a temperature of about 375 F for getting the best crunch of the batter of your twinkies.
  • It is now time to dip and roll your frozen twinkies into the batter we prepared. Do it one by one and make sure that you don't overlay them. A thin fine layer will give you the ultimate result. Also, do not overcrowd twinkies while frying.
  • Once turned golden-brown, take them out one by one with the help of a spider which will drain the extra oil, and then put them on tissue paper for further soaking.
  • To complete the sugary ride, roll them over your choice of sugar mentioned in the ingredients list above.


So this sister's day, get yourself stocked with a pack of frozen Twinkies and the Crumb's Carnival's Twinkies Mix, and add the crunch in the day of celebration with your sisters. The perk is that you can add this during any hour of the day along with all other plans and gifts and honor the bond! Try and share the experience right below!

Deep Fried Twinkies Deep Fried Twinkies Mix

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