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This Summer Solstice Eve, Try These Succulent Snacks

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Once again, the current Covid-19 situation is going to come between your celebration plans of the Summer Solstice and that is not enough of a reason to stop you from embracing the goodness of the sunshine, right? Amid the saddened scene, embracing the first ray that comes right after the harsh winters is important to flame the hope that one-day things are gonna get back to normal. That considered, you can treat yourself and your very special ones with a little happy moment by planning a homely bonfire this June 20th. And how can food be separated from such a celebration? Ergo, we have got some amazing snacks’ list from the instant ones like Deep Fried Twinkies to Fried Cheese Curds that can bring more joy to your solstice evening. Let us roll…


A fried cuisine originating from Spain and Portugal. The dough of flour, water, and salt sometimes of potato is fried until it becomes super crunchy and can be garnished with a confectioner's sugar and further, can be consumed with your favorite dip tastes like hot chocolate syrup.

Funnel Cakes

This is hooked over snacks of Americans, originating simultaneously in many other regions of the world as a variety of variations, funnel cakes are said to be from the Persian world. Today, highly popular as the carnival and amusement snack parks snack in the Northern part of America, they are prepared by putting the sweet dough batter into the hot cooking oil in a circular pattern using a funnel. It's similar to what is referred to as 'jalebi' in India. The softness inside is sheltered by a fine crunch outside that'll make your tongues swirl in ecstasy!

 Deep Fried Twinkies

Another American favorite snack that has taken over all the charts of rating is the traditional 'golden sponge cake with a creamy filling aka Twinkies undergone fair frying. Loaded at the carnivals, these must be included in your solstice merriment and the best part about this snack is the cooking time that it saves you. Yes, merely 10 mins to get them onto your plates! Just bring on the Crumbs Carnival's Deep Fried Twinkies Mix -the best pancake mix ever!; and you are set to rock your evening! They can be served with ice-creams, jams, nuts, or hot chocolate syrups. Ultimate!

Fried Cheese Curds

For Cheese lovers, the batter is the same as that of the onion rings, and inside is the cheese that comes from pasteurized milk. Also referred to as cheese balls in some areas. Ketchup, marinara sauce, or ranch dressing can be used as the dips to flame up the taste!

Wrapping Up

Including the above-mentioned snacks along with the company of someone who means the world to you can add an alternate universe of tilt-a-whirls to your solstice evening amid the pandemic days. Spreading smiles and positivity is the need of the hour and first, it has to begin with you.

May you have the best Solstice fellas! Stay Safe and Healthy and comment how the above snacks added bliss to your evening in the comment box.

Deep Fried Twinkies Deep Fried Twinkies Mix

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