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At-Home Carnival Vibes To Steal Your Mum's Heart This May 9

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"We've outgrown their laps but never their hearts"

The bond with mothers is one of its kind. Surpassing every other relationship in the universe, if there is just one word to describe these guardian angels' love for us then it has to be "eternal". Howbeit, we do not even miss a moment to reciprocate the love and honor she deserves, dedicating one special day with a gesture of an extraordinary effort is something that will melt her heart a level beyond. And what is better than creating a homemade delectability for her, right?

Scroll down to lay your hands on these two super-easiest yet 'sumptuous beyond imagination' treats to melt her heart like never before.

 Deep-Fried Oreos

If you are running short on time and want to present something sweet, creamy, and crunchy for your mum then pick up a pack of Oreos and get the Twinkies Mix by Crumb's Carnival Treats for some finest frying in the world. Deep Fried Oreos can be the best dessert munchies to engage your mother into a crackly conversation. Here's the easy-peasy recipe:

  • In a clean bowl, put down the Twinkies mix, and add water slowly to get a fine consistency that is not too liquidly not too thick. This batter is going to serve as the tasty crunch over your Oreos so prepare it wisely.
  •   Leave it aside for 10-15 minutes!
  • Take a pan full of vegetable oil and heat it to get 375 F of temperature. Keep it on a medium flame.
  • Now one by one, dip your cookies into the batter that must have settled by now and take them into the frying. Don't overcrowd them in the pan.
  • As soon as they turn golden brown, drain them using a spider and put them on a clean tissue paper.
  • Once the batch is complete, roll them into a confectioner's sugar and serve it with your mum's favorite savory!

#You can also deep fry them in an air fryer or a deep fryer that will take just 4-5 minutes! 

Deep-Fried Twinkies

If she isn't a great fan of Oreos then definitely a fried coat above the funnel-like cake-Twinkies will rouse her taste buds to the "Holy Grail !!". Yeah! No kidding! And here's all that Deep Fried Twinkies demand-

  • De-freeze the frozen Twinkies for about 20-30 minutes before putting them in the Fry.
  • Rest steps are going to be the same as mentioned in the above recipe just that the Oreos Mix by Crumbs Carnival has to be replaced by the Twinkies Mix by Crumbs Carnival.

# Frying them Right is a Must

To make them inch-perfect, follow these frying tips-

  •  Ensure dry and clean frying station and maintain the ideal temperature as mentioned above.
  • Do Not replace Vegetable Oil with others as the changed taste of oil might spoil the game. It is not a day to risk, Lol!
  •  Over-frying is a big-time no-no!
  •  Shedding the extra oil is a must! You're serving mothers! :D

Final Thoughts

Switching the role as a cook with your mother this Mother's day can be the ultimate gesture of showing how special her space is in your heart. Try any one of the above suggested snacky desserts and indulge her in the best carnival vibes ever! Trust me, It's going to be the best delectability outing amidst the ongoing pandemic days. They are crackly, crunchy, and yet fluffy and gooey! The moment these soft orbs will blast into piping hot creaminess into your and her mouths together is going to be the epic sensation to your palate nerves and this sharing is going to be sempiternal!

Deep Fried Oreos Deep Fried Twinkies

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