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Fresh & Warm Fried Twinkies on Today’s Menu

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Deep-fried Twinkies is a specialty of America consisting of deep-fried battered balls that are smothered with powdered sugar.  Each bite of these smooth and creamy Twinkies can take your taste buds to a heavenly trip. To make it a luscious plate of dessert, serve them warm along a side of raspberry jam or a dollop of ice cream. 

 The taste of Twinkies will make you feel nostalgic and will take you back to the sweet memories of the country fair and carnival when you used to wait for this moment during your summer break. However, the global pandemic has changed a lot of things and carnivals has become such a dream at the moment. But the best part is, you can enjoy these crispy snacks of happiness now at home. All thanks to the spanking new Deep Fried Twinkies mix. 

 What ingredients do you need to make Twinkies at home? 

 The new mixture has made the whole process super easy. Now, no fuss of shopping for all other essentials like pancake mix, eggs, whole milk, vanilla essence, flour and so on. Buying the Twinkies mixture is perfect for the beginners as all they need is to put 3-4 cups of mixture in the water, stir it up and fry as many as you want. 

 How to fry Twinkies?

 Add 4 cups of vegetable oil or any other oil with a high smoke point in a wok or frying pan. Heat the oil to 375 degrees. Use a thermometer for the accurate time. Make smooth, creamy batter using the Twinkies mixture, dip frozen Twinkies one by one in the batter, coat them completely and directly transfer it to hot oil. Let them swim in hot oil for 4-5 minutes until golden brown and crispy. 

 Basic Deep-frying tips to keep in mind

 Life is better with Twinkies but only if fried right. There are no such strict rules to follow but some basic tips might help you with a perfect snack on a beautiful evening. Some of the deep-frying tips are: 

  • Pick the frying oil wisely, best recommended is Vegetable oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil or canola oil as all of these have “high-smoke point.”
  • Choose the right pot. Use wok or heavy-bottomed dutch because they are deep and eliminates chances of spilling. 
  • Try preparing smooth batter, it shouldn’t be too thick or too thin. Twinkies should be properly dipped in the batter and it should stay. 
  • Say no to overcrowding. Do not put too many Twinkies in a single batch as all of them will stick to each other and screw your recipe. 
  • Now this is the most important, do not get too excited and put hot Twinkies in your mouth, you’ll eventually burn your mouth. XD!

 Sit & Enjoy

 When weekend calls for fresh, warm deep-fried Twinkies, there’s nothing better than that. Top them with anything you feel like. Whether you dip them in a Nutella jar or serve them on a side of your favorite jam, there’s no way of disappointment!

Deep Fried Twinkies Deep-fried Twinkies Mix

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