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Quarantine Creation: Deep Fried Twinkies

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Deep-fried Twinkies probably top the list as the best carnival snack in America. Crispy, soft, oozing and topped with powdered sugar and a smooth glaze, what a way to welcome fall. 

 Twinkies are perfect for the weekend family activities and all they take is little planning, preparing and minimal ingredients. Imagine some quality time with your family, little games, gossiping and indulging in a yummy bowl filled with delicious fried Twinkies, your kids and seniors are definitely going to thank you for the same later. 

 They are made using a quick yummy batter. They turn out so delicious and delectable with a cheesy gooey texture. When combined with vanilla ice cream or Nutella, it’s happiness and contentment to the most. 

 As, the current scenario is really uncertain and most of the Carnivals, cafes are temporarily closed due to the coronavirus, it is better to schedule a date with your family at home. Under this blog post we’ll be sharing a quick quarantine recipe of Twinkies that will hardly take more than 20 minutes of yours. 

 What are the ingredients required for Deep-Fried Twinkies?

 The batter for deep-fried snacks like Oreos, Twinkies, ice cream, doughnuts are generally prepared using pancake mixture, eggs, whole milk, all-purpose flour, vanilla essence, water, oil and the list goes on. Under this recipe, we’ll share one single ingredient- Deep Fried Twinkies mixture by Crumbs Carnival Treats to do all the work. 

 This mixture comes prepared and one just needs to mix it with water to prepare a velvety batter texture for deep frying. It chops the fuss of loading up each and every ingredient and makes the process hassle-free and quick. So basic ingredients we’ll be using in this recipe are as follows: 

  • Deep-fried Twinkies Mix
  • Frozen Twinkies
  • Water
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Toppings (optional) 

 Instant Twinkies Recipe

  • Place 4 cups vegetable oil in a skillet or wok at a medium temperature of 350 degrees. Use a thermometer if you are a frying beginner. 
  •  Prepare the batter in a bowl. Mix 4-5 big spoons of Crumb’s mixture and add water bit by bit and increase gradually. The right consistency is neither too chunky and nor too slight. 
  • If your oil is ready, add coated Twinkies to it and let these sit in the oil for 3-5 minutes. Fry at 350 degrees so that they come out light, golden brown. 
  • Remove and place on an absorbent paper to allow the oil to soak up. Dust them with powdered sugar and eat these warm. 
  • Light as air, these homemade Twinkies are pure magic. They turn out so fluffy, light and yummy, you can fill them with your favorite jelly or Nutella or pastry cream - literally anything your heart desires. 

 What’s now?

 A reality check! The average cost of a fried Twinkies plate at a carnival or in a cafe costs around $40-$60 or could be even more. Each order consists of around 7 to 8 pieces. So, why not fry them at home under cost of $14 with as many snacks as you want. Practically, the second option is more convenient. Just a little work and all-day happy faces of your kids and family. 

 So, if you cannot get to the game-food, make the game-food at home. Deep-fried Twinkies is a perfect quarantine snack with extra powdered sugar and Nutella, just like the good old carnival days. Drain, dust and drizzle! Just make sure you do not burn your mouth with its super hot contents. XD! Twinkies will take you to the best flashback and you’ll love every bit of it. So, happy frying folks and Bone-app-uh-tet!

Deep Fried Twinkies Deep Fried Twinkies Mix

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