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Deep Fry Your Oreos and Add a Creamy-Crunch to your Evenings…

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Bad days can be turned into brighter ones by merely adding a sweet dessert to your evenings. There are many ways to fall back upon but considering the trend of the 90s, the Deep-Fried Oreos have become the bliss among many foodies and Americans, especially have gone all gaga over this snack. In this article, we will brief you up with the time-saving Deep Fried Oreos Recipe that tastes amazing with the instant mix, available in different brands. You can also prepare your pancake mix but that puts you to more work and longer wait . With the ready-to-make pancake mix, this dessert takes just 10 minutes to come to your plates and entice your tongues unconditionally.

 The Ingredients:

  • Oreo Biscuits
  • Pancake Mix
  • An Egg
  • Water
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Confectioner's sugar

 The Recipe to ready to make Deep Fried Oreos:

  • Freeze the Oreo Cookies for about 25-30 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, put 3-4 spoons full instant Deep-Fried Oreos Mix in a bowl, add one egg and slowly add water to it, until a smooth consistency that is neither too thick nor too thin is achieved. This consistency decides the crunch to your sweet snack so prepare cautiously.
  • Now, let this mixture settle for 10 minutes and by then bring the frying pan and vegetable oil to your cooking station.
  • Heat a fulsome amount of vegetable oil so that your layered cookies can fully immerse inside the oil.
  • Note that for best frying, you need to maintain a temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit, an ideal temperature to prepare. This can be checked either through a heat measuring thermometer or you can simply put a slight batter drop and if it instantly turns golden brown and bursts with bubbles and popping sounds, you are ready to fry!
  • Finally, it is time to dip the frozen Oreos into the batter, until they are covered by a fine coating. Again, ensure that your coating is evenly done and no area is left. The more wisely your Oreo biscuits are layered, the better will be the crunch.
  • Layer up the Oreos one by one and put them into the hot vegetable oil. Go slow! Overcrowding will again ruin the frying.
  • Take them out from the frying pan using a spider once they appear to gain a perfect golden brown layer.
  • Put them on tissue paper so the extra oil can be absorbed away.
  • Once the entire batch is ready, roll them under the confectioner's sugar.

The Topping alternates:

Foodies know how open and experimental is the garnishing of every dish. Depending upon your taste preferences you can try these Deep-Fried Oreo desserts with different taste blends. For instance, chocolate lovers can melt their favorite chocolate and put it over these sugary crunchy orbs using a piping bag. Those who enjoy ice-creams can have these molten hot dessert pieces with ice cream flavor!

The above Deep-Fried Oreo recipe is the best way to satisfy your anytime sugar cravings. Try it asap and let us know the experience right below!

Deep-fried Oreos Deep-fried Oreos Mix

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