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Awesome Ways to Relish Deep-Fried Oreos

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The "cult favorite", Deep-Fried Oreos have been the palatable sensation for all the sweet-tooth and fried food fans. Ever since the "Man who Fried Everything" created these carnival bites in 2004, the Oreo love is multiplying by leaps and bounds. Ergo, we have presented some interesting modus operandi to give your sweet tooth the treat of the lifetime.

So, let us begin the discovery -

# Serve them with the Oreo Ice-Creams

If your heart can not yet settle for a single Oreo shot, you can add another booster shot by adding a scoop of Oreo Ice Cream to your dessert dish plate. This will also give you an interesting blend of hot and cold Oreos! Just imagine the soft molten hot Oreo melts under your tongue along with the chilled creamy ice. You'll have the perfect balance of the savories ever!

# Wrap them in bacon wraps

You're looking for an epic combination of the sweet and salty dish with an extra taste of Oreos, go for Fried Oreos Bacon wraps. A beautiful concoction from the best of the worlds of salty and sweet refinements. Wrap around the Bacon wrap to your ultimate Oreo Biscuits and give them a deep-fry or an air fry. To make it fancier, prepare them on a toothpick and roll these crispy bites into your favorite topping. They taste incredible and are perfect as dinner snacks!

# Swathe them in Nutella Dips

Oreos and Nutella are the much-craved for tastes among the twenty-first Gens! You can swathe the Deep Fried Oreos into the layers of Nutella and set your palate on the chocolaty fire! It's going to be an ultra-delicious ride!

# Other Mergers to make your Fried Oreos Special 

  • Nuts and Fruits
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Oreo Burgers
  •  Confectioner's Sugar

# Simple is Serene

Although the Deep-Fried Oreos can be tried with endless blends, there is no denial about the sumptuousness and divinity that comes with the basic ones! These are so yum and complete in taste that not even a second will you feel the need to add on something.

Some Frequent Queries: 

 #1. What is the Calorie Count of Deep Fried Oreos?

Around 125 calories per serving(in a 30 grams Cookie) which consists of 56% Fat, 39 % of Carbohydrates, and 5% of Protein.

There's also 27 mg of Calcium, 50 MG Potassium, and 2 mg of Iron. Sugars in each fried snack biscuit are 5.6 mg.

#2. Does instant pancake mix taste equally good as the Homemade One?

Undoubtedly, Yes! The ready-made pancake mix, if selected from the reputed brands, is equally unbeatable. People prefer these more as it saves a lot of time.

#3. Can these be stored in the refrigerator?

As you must be aware, Deep-Fried foods taste best when eaten just after their making. Still, you can eat them for 3 days' duration if refrigerated but the crunch would not remain as the moisture settles in.

So, what's the wait for? Give your Deep-Fried Oreos any of the above-mentioned twists and share the adventure with us!

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