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This August 1, Sew up the Bonds with "Sweetness of Deep-Fried Oreos"

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There are companionships where our best friends turn into darling sisters and the ones in which our sisters turn into best buddies and this August 1 is an opportunity to embrace the specialness of both! But if the pandemic lockdown is coming in the way of your stratagem of commemorating these two special companionships, we have a simple yet sweetest way to light up your evening with the inclusion of the tastiest mouth-melting dessert - Deep Fried Oreos that sounds like a plan beyond your wildest dreams.

Let's get started…

 The Irresistible Preparation is as easy as ABC

  • Freeze your Oreos for a minimum of an hour. 
  • Put in 4 Cups of Deep Fried Oreos Mix by Crumbs Carnival in a bowl ( serving for 2).
  • Add water to the above mixture to reach a perfect consistency. This is going to be the layer of your Crunch on the Oreos. So, make it inch-perfect!
  • Now, let this mixture settle for 10 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, take out the frying pan and pour 4 cups of vegetable oil.
  • Wait till it heats up to 375℉. ( The ideal temperature for frying).
  • Now, bring in your Oreo Cookies, dip them one by one into the Pancake batter and slide them gently from the sides near the surface of the hot oil.
  • Take them out using a spider once their fine golden brown crisp starts tempting your tongues.
  • Put them on tissues. Once you are done with the whole batch of frying, roll them on confectioner's sugar to add another shot of sweetness.
  • For garnishing, you can create a concoction of your favorites taste with Deep-Fried Oreos. Like, decorating it with your friend's or sister's favorite chocolate or adding a scoop of their fav ice cream and jam flavors.

 Setting the Day on Fire!

To lit this special day to perfection, it is important that you set a perfect ambiance of fun and warmth around these luscious orbs of the creamy chocolaty softness of Oreos along with the bites of crunch. You can go by the following ideas- 

# Decorate and play games!

Create a tent out of your favorite bed sheet either in your garden area if you and your friend/sister love to spend time with nature else enjoy the coziness of the favorite corner of your room. You can play games in there and share good laughs with Deep-Fried Oreos! 

# Plan a Movie Night!

You can later watch your hooked-over show or movie with these delectable sweet snacks! 

# Share the love under the blanket of stars!

Light up candles, and bring on the delightful dinner. Follow-up with the above dessert and make your deepest conversations timeless! 


Winding Up your special day with Deep-Fried Oreos can be beautiful and enduring! If your friend and sisters cannot show up, ask them to prepare these and have a virtual conference party! Sharing love with some sweet chocolaty bites is the ultimate way to honor your bonds!

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