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Recipe To Deep-Fried Oreos is as Easy as 123…

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Hello, Oreo fan! 

Here’s another yummy recreation that is overloaded with sweetness unlimited of your favorite Oreo cookie with a mouth-watering crisp on the outside. Yes! We are talking about none other than the famous American fixture, Deep-Fried Oreos! These have been the treasure desserts of the classy restaurants' menus and the most famous delish at the local and country carnivals.  

Coated with a sweet and delicious pancake batter on the outside, Oreos are fried to perfection to get that mouth-melting cloudy and creamy hot and soft taste of one of the famous carnival guilty pleasures! Imagine the crackling sound breaking into the melting Oreos inside! Waters mouth right away!

While there are many ways of preparing Fried Oreos at home, we intend to introduce the one that is the easiest and involves minimal effort. Here is a 10 minutes recipe for this awesome binge eating that fills your mood with a joyful mood at any time of the day…


  • Oreo Biscuits (any of your favorite flavors)
  • Batter Mix by Crumbs Carnival Treats
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Powdered Sugar

Preparing Deep-Fried Oreos at Home with the Quickest Recipe 

  1. In a medium bowl, add the Oreos Mix and water and whisk till a smooth and thick pancake mix is formed. The consistency must resemble similar to double cream.
  2. Now, take a clean and dry frying pot and add 3” of vegetable oil to it. Put it on a medium flame and wait until it becomes hot at 375℉.
  3. By dipping the Oreos one by one into the pancake batter you’ve just prepared, carefully put these on the hot oil for frying.
  4. Wait for them to turn golden brown. Keep flipping both sides to get an even textured crisp. 
  5. Once these have finely fried, take them out and put them on a tissue-wrapped plate by using a spider or tong.
  6. Garnish them when slightly cold by sprinkling or rolling them on the powdered sugar and Enjoy!

     Expert Tips for Beginners:

  • Select the right oil that means the one with the smoke point higher than 350.
  • Do not overcrowd your coated Oreos while frying else they'll stick and spoil.
  • To avoid the danger of hot oil splashes on the body or face, make sure you use a dry frying pot and tong/spider to transfer your Oreo snacks. Also, while dropping them into the hot oil, do it very gently from the sides and by bringing them the closest to the oil’s surface. 
  • Use a kitchen thermometer for measuring the temperature of your oil.

Can I save Deep-Fried Oreos for later?

We recommend not to save them for later and suggest preparing them fresh, just in case. This is because refrigerating them or storing them for a long at room temperature would take away their crispiness and like any other fried foods, these then won’t taste that great. But if you still want to save these then you can in a close air-tight container at room temperature for a few hours. To store them for more than a day, you can refrigerate them.

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Deep-Fried Oreos are overloaded with the good vibes of a fun dessert. This sweet delish’s every calorie is truly not to miss as the instant pancake batter by crumbscarnivaltreats is so delicious that it won’t let you leave any crumbs behind. By adding minimum ingredients to make a yummy outside coat for your fried oreo snacks, this mix by crumbs carnival helps you create some delicious magical moments at home in 10 minutes. So, Bring, Mix, Fry, and enjoy the Sweet Tooth fix!

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