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Deep Fried Oreos- Your Simple Yet Significant Guide About It!

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Oreos that are deep-fried are very popular. Although the procedure is quick and easy, it does need some commitment in the kitchen. You'll need an Oreo cookie box, some butter, sugar, and cinnamon. This recipe still will work in a standard oven if you're not yet looking to purchase one.

Are you looking for a quick, easy, and delectable dessert recipe? Here it is, the perfect one! Along with being a terrific party snack, deep-fried Oreos are also a tasty snack for yourself. 

Why Are These So Loved By Everyone?

Many people assert that Oreos are some of the tastiest cookies they have ever had in addition to marketing, celebrity, and wealth. As a result, they have gained popularity as a snack among millions of people worldwide. Unrecognized contributions are not trivial and shouldn't be disregarded. 

What distinguishes it from other cookies and why is it so distinctive? The recipe and cooking method give away the secret. According to Oreo, cocoa was employed in the production of its cookie wafers (used to make chocolates). These cookies stand out from the competition despite the fact that the fillings are typically found in other cookies as well. This is because the wafers and cookie dough both include cocoa.

The cookie can be used to make a variety of sweet meals or desserts because it was made using raw cocoa beans. Due to its flexible viewpoint, people occasionally substitute it for cocoa powder or chocolate when combining things.

In an effort to win over their customers' hearts, they have created a novel technique that enables them to create customized cookies based on their preferences.

How can Oreos be turned into crispy treats?


  •       First, take 8 Oreo cookies
  •       Then, a cup of flour
  •       Then, two tablespoons of cornmeal
  •       Then, two sugar teaspoons.
  •       Then, 1 cup of milk or water.
  •       Then, 1 cup of baking and pancake mix, preferably Bisquick.
  •       Then, three cups of breadcrumbs.
  •       Then, two tablespoons of Oreo powder.
  •       Then, One big egg.
  •       Then, pure vanilla extract, one teaspoon.
  •       Then, Spray for nonstick cooking.
  •       Then, sugar for confectioners is used for dusting.



  •       Line the basket with baking paper and cut two pieces, so they fit perfectly to avoid your food from sticking to the bottom of the basket. Once your air fryer has reached 350 degrees, put them in.
  •       In a medium bowl, whisk together the egg, milk, and vanilla. Sugar and pancake mix must be thoroughly mixed. When baked on top of one another, it shouldn't cause the cookies to spread out excessively because it is thick enough to cover them.
  •       After pouring milk or water into the bread crust, thoroughly mix. Next, combine the remaining dry ingredients, including the corn flour. Then, add water to the ingredients as necessary to make a thick, even paste. Set this combination aside for ten minutes. (In essence, this is how tempura batter is made.)
  •       • If your battery begins to lose its form, add more than one tablespoon at a period until you find the right amount for you (but be careful not to add too much!).
  •       Dip it into the bread crumbs, pressing the Oreos on top to cover them completely. Remove the Oreo from the breadcrumbs and place it in the air fryer's basket. The air fryer's basket needs to be lined with parchment paper.
  •       Eight cookies should be gently oiled and dipped in batter. The excess batter should flow back into the basin as the cookies are placed on the lined cookie tray without touching, so they bake flat.
  •       Air fry at 350 degrees F for 7 minutes or until the golden brown coating has puffed out, depending on how crispy you like your fries. Remove the heat source one at a time to allow the remaining exposed dough to finish cooking.

Final Touch

To give your next snack even more flavor and crunch, sprinkle confectioners' sugar over the fried Oreos just before serving. Due to the simplicity of the dish and the availability of the ingredients, it is ideal for lazy days. Try it out and let us know what you think!

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