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Deep Fried Oreos - A Quick Recipe That Can Sweeten Your New Year Eve’s

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Are you looking for a quick recipe that can sweeten your New Year eve’s celebration and savor your moments with your loved ones then try Deep Fried Oreos. It is one of the best quick snacks which does not need many ingredients and can be upgraded according to you. You can be very creative with the taste and turn it however you want which is the best thing about Fried Oreos.

What are Deep Fried Oreos?

Oreos dipped in a savory batter and deep-fried in oil with a coat of confectioner’s sugar and some chocolate or any other flavor syrup on top, this is the best explanation for understanding what Deep Fried Oreos is. You can also use the Crumbs Carnival Treats Mix to make it simpler and tastier for yourself. Crumbs Carnival Treats Mix is in the form of instant powder which can be converted to make a fluid batter for your Oreos to make your new year party perfect.

How can we make Deep Fried Oreos?

Making Deep Fried Oreos at home is a very easy process. You can even involve your loved ones in the process to enjoy your time while making some delicious Oreos. To make tasty and savory Deep-Fried Oreos you need the following few ingredients which are:

  • Oreo Biscuits: there are several flavors released by Oreo Biscuits, you can choose any one of them according to your preference to make your tasty Deep-Fried Oreos.
  • Crumbs Carnival Treats Mix: this is one of the key ingredients for making the right batter for your Fried Oreos. You just have to mix the batter in water and do not have to put anything else into it.
  • Vegetable Oil: You can use any kind of vegetable oil and use napkins to drain out extra oil off your Deep-Fried Oreos.
  • Confectioner’s Sugar: It is just for garnishing; you can skip it if you want.
  • Whip Cream: if you like you can put cream over your Fried Oreos, to make it sweeter and more delicious.
  • Syrups: To give different flavors to your Fried Oreos you can put chocolate, blueberry, strawberry, or any other syrup according to your preference.
  • Other optional items: Other optional items include dry fruits and honey. You can add it if you want.

The process of making Deep-Fried Oreos is

  1. Prepare the Crumbs Carnival Treats Mix with a cup of water in a form of batter into which you can dip your favorite Oreos.
  2. After stirring well and ensuring that the batter is smooth dip your Oreos into it, meanwhile prepare a pan with oil.
  3. The amount of oil is not fixed however keep it at least that much where your batter-dipped Oreos can be deep-fried easily. Preheat the pan so that your Oreos can fry instantly.
  4. Start putting your batter-dipped Oreos one by one in the pan carefully and fry them until it gets golden brown.
  5. Take out your Fried Oreos on a napkin and drain out any extra oil.
  6. Now you can cover it with some confectioner’s sugar and put some chocolate or strawberry syrup over it if you want.
  7. You can also garnish your Deep-Fried Oreos with dry fruits, to give them a richer taste.

Why Deep-Fried Oreos is best for parties?

Oreos are best for your new year party because no one wants to get stuck in the kitchen while others are enjoying their time and everyone wants to enjoy under a budget. By making Deep-Fried Oreos you don’t have to work hours in the kitchen because they are very easy to make and can be cooked in a few minutes they are very budget friendly as you can buy the Deep-Fried Oreos Mix from Crumb mix which will cost you around $13.99.

Can you start a business with Deep-Fried Oreos?

If you are thinking to start your venture with Deep-Fried Oreos, this is the best choice. You can buy Deep-Fried Oreos Mix for the batter and also can innovate it with different flavors and syrups which people will surely enjoy and you will get to earn a lot of profit through it. Deep-Fried Oreos are the best if you are thinking to start your own business because you don’t need a lot of manpower, equipment, and even ingredients. It is completely affordable and everyone will enjoy its taste.


Deep-Fried Oreos are the best choice to eat and to sell. The Crumbs have made it, even more, tastier by introducing a Deep-Fried Oreos Mix which gives it a richer and savories flavor. You can be creative with Fried Oreos and enhance its flavors with different types of syrups and another garnishing according to your taste. It is the best recipe to make together with family and friends.

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